Through its history, ATC has always expressed its determination to innovate and stay “one technology ahead”.
This determination has also endowed it with a role as a pioneer and the leader in textile ducting in France.

Throughout its construction and development, ATC has relied upon firm, strong values:

The determination to innovate, a daily preoccupation
Textile ducting is proving to be an “econological” product (economical and ecological), characterised by better aeraulic efficiency, reductions in transport costs, etc.
Today, this also means using 100% recycled textiles.

Production “made in France”, a guarantee of quality and flexibility.
All the textile ducts are made in our workshops in France and Mexico.
Everything is done “in-house” from design, cost calculations and manufacture through to maintenance.
Special care is given to making our products.
Our seamstresses’ expertise and internal control procedures all add to the quality of our products.

Compliance with commitments, our vision of Service
ATC’s vocation is to master and guarantee aeraulic results.
On everyday levels, this is materialized by high-performance internal organization: Control over production, transparency of sales prices, compliance with schedules, etc.