Textile ducts

Shapes and colors - 11/10/2011

Today, textile ducts offer a vast range of possibilities and gives free rein to imagination. Circular conduits They are privileged whenever allowed by ceiling heights.

Textile ducts - 11/10/2011

Textile ducts or textile air-diffusers are technical products used for diffusing or transporting treated air from one point to another, as per exact criteria. Why choose a textile duct? The AIRNEO...

Maintenance of ducts - 07/27/2011

Support systems - 07/27/2011

Textile ducts are compatible with several types of support systems. The choice of support system depends on several criteria: Diffusers’ shapes and cross-sections Building constraints Supply...

Diffusion Types - 07/27/2011

ATC uses 4 diffusion types: Principle : Low-speed air dispersion (0.2 to 1m per sec.) through a porous fabric surface Benefits : Short air dispersion range from 2 to 4 m High...
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