Textile ducts

Textile ducts
Textile ducts or textile air-diffusers are technical products used for diffusing or transporting treated air from one point to another, as per exact criteria.

Why choose a textile duct?
The AIRNEO products developed by ATC offer numerous advantages:

From an aeraulic point of view:
Diffusion of air by textile ducts gives perfect air diffusion (homogeneous temperatures, delayering, etc. and increases human comfort by keeping airspeeds and temperatures under control.
Every order is the subject of an aeraulic study in order to meet end-user requirements.

From a regulations point of view:
Textile ducts comply with regulations, especially with fire protection standards in force in every country.
Its textile design enables it to benefit from all the latest technical innovations: Fabrics of different weights, coatings, special anti-bacterial or antistatic fabrics, etc.

From an installation point of view
Textile ducts are light, resistant products with few restrictions.
AIRNEO textile ducts are designed to be easily removable.
They can be adapted to the constraints found on all types of premises: They can be in any shape and be adapted to all types of air treatment.
They are products that are upgradable and modular over time.

From an aesthetic point of view:
AIRNEO textile ducts offer a wide range of materials, colours, shapes and support systems. Today, textile ducts can be personalized by means of digital printing.

From a servicing point of view
Textile ducts from the AIRNEO range are cleanable, which guarantees their aeraulic efficiency and increases their service life.
With its AirnéoPlus offer, ATC has imagined a whole range of services for maintaining aeraulic networks over time.