Shapes and colors

Today, textile ducts offer a vast range of possibilities and gives free rein to imagination.


Shapes and colors
Circular conduits
They are privileged whenever allowed by ceiling heights.

Shapes and colors
Semi-circular conduits
They are laid flat against the ceiling using a system of PVC profiles.
They are mainly used in comfort air-conditioning.
They may be recommended when ceiling heights are limited. The saving in space when compared with circular ducting with an equivalent airflow is evaluated at 40%.

Shapes and colors
Quarter-circular conduits
These conduits are fixed at ceiling / wall junction points when fitted horizontally or at wall corners when fitted vertically.

Special formats
Whenever necessary, ATC can make special shapes on request: Quarter ellipse, bowstring and a complete set of made-to-measure form parts.


Textile ducting may become “invisible”: It can merge into the background of the premises by following framework and opting for neutral colours.

In other cases, it may become a decorative element in its own right, calling on acidulous colours or printed fabrics.

The “AIRNEO by ATC” range includes a wide range of standard colours and special orders can be made in non-standard colours.

The added extra: Personalized marking

Shapes and colors
Thanks to the new printing technologies available at present, personalized marking can now be provided: A printed logo or a visual of your choice.
In this way, textile ducting becomes a media for promoting your brand image!