REALISM, ATC digital simulation solution

REALISM is a digital simulation offer that allows to model air flows and to simulate real phenomenon.

The digital simulation is a major advantage that allows:
  • To validate, before the project realization, the final air flow result of an installation, in the case of complex applications (process, big-height premises…)  
  • To analyze the effectiveness of air flow systems. The result is more precise than real tests. Indeed, the digital simulation perfectly recreates the ambient conditions of the premises.
This ATC offer is designed and developed firstly for engineering consulting firms and installers in refrigeration and air conditioning.

Réalism, the safe and efficient solution of ATC that allows you to guarantee  an air flow result as well as  to offer the optimized technical solution to your client.

An application case

ATC used the digital simulation for a project of  "Blanquette de Limoux" Bottles' storage.

The problematic of this customer was to control the temperature at the level of palox containing the bottles, while the mixing rate in the volume was only of 1.

In the case of the cellar « Les Vignerons du Sieur d’Arques » in Limoux ( ), ATC took in charge:
  • the digital simulation to validate, before the project realization, the final air flow result of the installation.
  • the air diffusion network made of textile ducts AIRNEOPRO for two rooms with a storage capacity of 13 millions bottles.
The main demands of the engineering consulting firm was:
  • To maintain the product at 15°C
  • To avoid air blown directly against the products
  • To keep at most the storage space

ATC service has been made in three times:

REALISM, ATC digital simulation solution
1. A digital simulation to validate the project feasibility

The implementation of this kind of arithmetic is made by different steps: the first step consists in the 3D modelization of the whole volume to study.

To this defined domain is then applied a number of parameters.
As soon as the model is meshed (divised in small elements), the artithmetic can be done.
The following step consist in analyzing the results. It is, then, relevant to be able to map the temperatures or to analyze the speeds field.

The use of a CFD software(Computational Fluid Dynamics) allows to better comprehend a fluid reaction in a defined space considering different criterias.

This informatic treatment of complex equations of fluids mechanics and thermal mechanics is based on the implementation of theoretical models and the use of the Finite Elements Method (FEM).

2. The design and manufacturing of an air flow network made of Airneo textile ducts that are high-induction. Those textile ducts have been perfectly integrated  to the premises configuration and have answered to the requirements of the customer activity.
REALISM, ATC digital simulation solution

3. The network balancing to validate pressures, speeds and air flow rates.

REALISM, ATC digital simulation solution

The final result
Those textile ducts networks of complex shapes are linked to two Air Handling Units. Each AHU  produces 30 000m3/h (power of 75kW).

The technology used by ATC allows to maintain a temperature of 15°C in the cellar. It guarantees good conditions for the wine fermentation process.

REALISM, ATC digital simulation solution
Each network is composed by a watertight collector of 100m lenght. 32 antennas of 20m lenght are stitched on each collector. Those high-induction air diffusers guarantee the temperature homogeneity in a 60 000m3 space.