Past history

1995 :
  • Clauger creates an in-house department for making its own textile ducts. The company makes the most of all its knowledge obtained in the installation business.

1998 :
  • Textile ducting activities are outsourced. ATC is created for commercializing textile ducting on other markets not exploited by Clauger.

2002 :
  • The first contracts in North-West Africa

2004 :
  • ATC acquires state-of-the-art tools such as digital simulation systems for reinforcing its “one technology ahead” position.

2005 :
  • ATC enters the Manufacturing section of the Aquair group as the air-diffusion specialist.

2006 :
  • ATC acquires a new range of products: The AIRNEO range for accompanying its development in France and elsewhere.

2007 :
  • ATC creates ATC de Mexico.

2008 :
  • ATC accelerates its international development by creating a distributor network.

2009 :
  • ATC sets up in Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador and maintains its position as leader in the food-processing industry in Mexico.

2010 :
  • An industrial laundry is created in Brignais for servicing and maintaining textile ducts.

2011 :
  • Inauguration of an extension to its Brignais workshop and acquisition of new, high-performance production tools.