Since the beginning of 2011, ATC has integrated a brand-new workshop of 1,000 m² and now makes the complete Airnéo range internally.

ATC possesses a full range of high-performance machines that enable it to handle the whole manufacturing process for its textile ducts and it relies on a team of experienced seamstresses.

Several months ago, ATC embarked on an internal quality approach whose objective is to guarantee irreproachable customer satisfaction.

Main efforts concern:
  • Optimising manufacturing schedules at every stage in the process
  • The quality of finishing
  • Control of every product before it leaves the plant
  • Compliance with commitments on shipping dates.
ATC has also acquired two special machines for increasing the quality of its products and making considerable improvements in productivity.

  • Latest generation perforator for improving micro-perforations on textile ducts
ATC is also equiped by 2 special industrial sewing-machines. Those 2 sewing-machines improve the products quality and thanks to it, we get significant productivity gains.