« Maison Roque » Anchovy preparation

Food industry – Customized ducts – 85 meters of fabric duct

  • Our client :
The French company « Maison Roque » provides canned fish, sea cured meats and regional specialties in Collioure in the department of Pyrénées-Orientales.
  • Client’s goals :
Careful about their brand image, this family business wished to transform the existing air diffusing networks of its production rooms into something more aesthetic. Therefore, the main goal was to efficiently cool workspaces without generating discomfort for the employees since the low ceiling height could generate drafts.
  • Our solution :
Using silkscreen printing, we have provided customized duct according to our client’s wish: stylized scales covered in places with the “Maison Roque” logo.
We also calibrated our fabric ducts with microperforation diffusion type, placed on the top of these, in order to use the Coanda and the induction effect so as to quickly treat the premises in

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