Maintenance of ducts

Maintenance of ducts
Regular servicing of textile air conduits enables savings to be made and increases the equipment’s service life.
All our diffusers are accompanied by cleaning instructions specifying the procedures to be followed and the products to be used.

Most products are entirely machine-washable, but others may need to be washed by hand.
Depending on the application and the fabric concerned, ATC proposes a suitable washing protocol.

Frequency of cleaning:
  • The application concerned
  • The type of diffuser
  • The characteristics of the premises to be treated
  • Up-line filtration

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Practical advice:
Generally speaking, and except for specific applications, we recommend that textile ducts be cleaned at least once a year, above all before any marks or clogging can be seen.
Do not hesitate to contact us for assessing the best possible frequency for cleaning depending on your application.

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Maintenance of ducts
On arrival, textile air diffusers are sorted and then washed without coming into contact with products that have been returned from other sources.

After drying, they are meticulously checked for any possible faults and repaired if necessary.