Fitting and commissioning

ATC takes the utmost care in manufacturing its textile ducts and air diffusers.
Therefore, it is important that a certain number of precautions are taken when fitting and commissioning the equipment and during the first months of operation.

It is recommended that products be installed under clean conditions, avoiding any contact with hot or dirty elements.
Generally speaking, ATC recommends that you wait for the last possible moment before installing textile ducts to avoid tearing or dirtying them, etc.
All our diffusers are accompanied by detailed fitting instructions.

It is important to check beforehand that no element is in contact with the textile ducts (structural work, intermediate supports, etc.)
When the ducts are filled with air, care must be taken to ensure that attachment elements do not undergo any excessive strain (intermediate supports).
ATC recommends that temperatures, flows and blowing pressures be checked against specifications.

During the first months of operation:
  • The state of cleanliness or fouling of the textile ducts for determining the cleaning cycles required for guaranteeing that the installation performs correctly.
  • The degree of fouling on airflow homogenisation cones (located at the beginning of the circuit or after elbows and spurs),

Practical advice:

Installing a liquid column at air diffuser inlets may be of help for maintenance purposes.
As soon as any rip or deterioration appears, ATC recommends that we check and repair the section concerned.