Applications of textile ducts

Textile air diffusers are highly polyvalent products adaptable to all situations.

ATC possesses real experience in the industrial field. Technology transfers and the will to diversify have given it the possibility of encountering other business sectors and, even today, of approaching new markets.

Public Buildings:

Applications of textile ducts
Textile ducting is highly recommended for this type of application.

It enables air diffusion to be kept under control irrespective of all the constraints related to these types of building and it meets highly demanding fire-protection standards.

Only the Airnéo Gold range is suited to public buildings.


Applications of textile ducts
Textile ducting provides homogeneous air diffusion in process atmospheres, which improves the personnel’s working conditions.

In the majority of cases, the Airnéo Référence range meets these requirements.

In certain specific cases, ATC can recommend its special Airnéo RéférenceAS range, designed using antistatic fabric and suited to ATEX atmospheres.

Logistics buildings and positive and negative temperature warehouses:

Applications of textile ducts
Air diffusion by textile ducting provides good temperature homogeneousness thanks to an efficient, economical high-induction diffusion system.

In 80% of all cases, ATC offers its Airnéo Référence range, in M1.

In cases where long lengths of ducting are required, or for negative temperature atmospheres, the design office can orientate solutions towards the Airnéo First product.

In very specific cases, ducting may be required to be in M0 and ATC can offer the Airnéo Gold range.


Applications of textile ducts
Diffusion of air by textile ducting is especially useful for guaranteeing homogeneous temperatures in premises (required for product conservation) without creating any discomfort for personnel.
In 90% of all cases, ATC offers its Airnéo Référence range.
ATC can recommend its special Airnéo RéférenceAB range, designed using antibacterial fabric, for applications where hygrometric conditions are important.

Special events:

Tertiary activities:

Textile ducting is a suitable solution irrespective of the type of application:

In building renovations
“Airnéo by ATC” ducts are very light in weight (100 to 500 g/m2). They solicit building structures insignificantly when compared with a metal sheet ducting network.

For applications where hygiene is primordial
Most Airnéo ducts can be machine-washed. They help air-borne contamination to be kept under control.

In certain cases, ATC offers a replacement set of ducts so that changeovers can be made and textile ducting networks can be regularly cleaned.

For short-delivery projects
“AIRNEO by ATC” ducting provides substantial time-savings:
  • Time-saving for preparing the worksite
  • Installation times very much shorter than for metal-sheet ducting.