of textile ducts

    Since 30 years, ATC offers air broadcast solutions optimized for all air handling applications.

  • From design

    to customer service

    ATC designs, manufactures and maintains ducts.

  • Which uses

    for textile ducts ?

    The textile ducts is a technology that allows for the refrigeration, air conditioning, cooling, ventilation, heating atmosphere or air transport treaty.

  • Which applications

    for textile duct ?

    It can be used in all types of applications: industry, public buildings (ERP), the local high-rise, food processing, logistics buildings, services, etc..

  • The Airneo range

    Thanks to the expertise of ATC, recognized in France and abroad, the range AIRNEO by ATC is widely acclaimed by consultants and thermal fluids, installers and cold air conditioning, heating contractors, the refrigeration, etc..

  • Where is ATC ?

    The head office is based in Brignais (near Lyon), France
    ATC is located in Mexico and through a network of distributors (Turkey, UAE, etc..)
    Each entity has its manufacturing plant to cover the needs of its markets.

  • The purpose of ATC

    is to control

    and guarantee

    the air performance.

    This is the assurance of having a diffused air quality, tailored to the needs of the end user.